Pierre Cardin praises Jean Paul Gaultier’s achievements

In Jean Paul Gaultier’s book to be published by the opening of the exhibition «The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier» in Montreal, the designer says warm words of thanks to Pierre Cardin, one of the most distinguished French designers and coincidentally – his boss, for whom he first started his work in fashion back in 1970.

Pierre Cradin has already responded by praising his former pupil’s achievements, and marked, among other works, Gaultier’s idea for a canine space suit. Although Pierre Cardin voiced some critic of Jean Paul Gaultier’s trademark bodice, and suggested that it was perhaps an unnecessary element, his general opinion was very positive. ‘You are a true designer when people recognise your work without even looking at the label. This is the case for Jean Paul Gaultier’ – the maestro said.


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